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Managing Director

A Passion for Supply Chain - Solutions

Movement of any single object from one place to another is complex, different and can be fraught with unseen obstacles. To walk through it successfully each and every time, requires the ability to tackle each new challenge with complete understanding of the operations, out of the box thinking, and applying all our experience, expertise and creativity.

Rising ourselves to meet all these challenges in a safe and efficient manner is exactly what our team at Burgeon does every day. We strive to do the above, as our passion is to find better and smarter ways of doing things.

This is the driving force behind our business. It takes a lot of passion to transform ideas into effective solutions – and even more to turn these ideas into products and services which contribute to everyone’s success. It is this passion for solutions that has instigated us to kick start and we intend to be preferred partners of all our Customers.

L Khaja Nizamuddeen